The lowest variable and three-year fixed rates on Michelle Hutchison

The lowest variable and three-year fixed rates on Michelle Hutchison
The lowest variable and three-year fixed rates on Michelle Hutchison

There was no surprise at the Reserve Bank meeting this month, with a decision of no change to the cash rate pointing to a continued period of content within the property market.

Experts, however are divided on whether the cash rate’s next movement will be up or down, and while no-one can be certain as to monetary policy, it’s pivotal that Aussies are certain they’re accessing the best home loan deal on the market for their situation. Here are the lowest variable and three-year fixed rates on’s lowest variable rate home loans

If you’ve saved up 20 percent of your loan and don’t need to borrow more than $500,000, this loan can offer you the lowest variable rate on It also allows for unlimited redraws and no ongoing or application fees. Keep in mind though that the lending criteria is already relatively restrictive, and you also won’t have access to an offset account, so choose wisely.

This low rate loan is not for those who’re already stretching their initial budget, as it comes with a $275 valuation and $299 service fee – the latter being an annual expense. If you’re okay with this, you’ll certainly be okay with the unlimited additional repayments and redraw options, 100% offset account and ability to borrow up to 95% LVR. 

This is another loan that can accommodate up to 80 percent of the total property value, so again it’s important to have a decent financial reserve before you buy. You also won’t have access to a 100% offset, so money management in this scenario is essential. Should you choose to accept this mission, you’ll have no annual, application or legal fees to get through and will have access to a considerable contender in the low variable rates space.’s lowest 3-year fixed rate home loans

If you like the idea of no application or ongoing service fees, a 95% loan-to-value ratio and up to $20,000 worth of additional repayments a year, this loan could be a suitable addition to your financial landscape. You would need to accommodate for not having a 100% offset account, and this loan will also has a $500 discharge fee.

You will need to be quick – this low rate is only applicable until the end of September. If you can jump into the property game before then, this loan can also offer you a 100% offset and up to 95% LVR, which will both give your budget room to move. Provided you’re fine with paying a $120 annual fee, and a once-off $300 application and $150 settlement fee, which may add up to be a considerable expense for some.

This loan offers both a low rate and no ongoing service fees or initial application fee, as well as extra repayment options – when paired together these can make for powerful savings. Don’t let the power go to your head, however, as you won’t be redrawing those funds during the fixed term of your loan and you won’t have access to a 100% offset account, so your money moves will definitely have to be strategic – because once you’ve locked it in, it’s going to be near impossible to access it again.

MICHELLE HUTCHISON is spokesperson for comparison website

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