Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Local Government Areas

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Urban's Top 5 for October -  Most Viewed Local Government Areas

Following on from Urban.com.au's Top 5 Most Viewed Architects and Suburbs over the last two days, today we take a look at the Top 5 Most Viewed Local Government Area's (LGA).

Not surprisingly, looking at it in a Victorian context, the City of Melbourne takes out top spot, reflecting its status as one of the most desirable municipalities to reside within. 

The inner-city LGA's are proving the most popular with their access to employment, education, retail and dining, and well served by public transport.

    Urban's Top 5 for October -  Most Viewed Local Government Areas

      1. City of Melbourne

      • Mayor: Cr Sally Capp
      • Population: 135,959 (2016 census)
      • Area: 36.2 sq km
      • Number of projects in database: 247

      2. City of Yarra

      3. City of Port Phillip

      4. Moreland City Council

      5. City of Stonnington

      Listen to our Podcast with Steve here.

      As evidenced in the embedded maps, each of the five LGA's also have a strong development pipeline, which isn't necessarily reflected in their positions. Taking this into account the Top 5 would be:

      1. City of Melbourne
      2. City of Yarra
      3. City of Stonnington
      4. City of Port Phillip
      5. Moreland City Council

      Look out for the final piece in the series this Friday - Top 5 Most Viewed developers.

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