Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Architects

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Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Architects
Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Architects

Here at Urban.com.au we're suckers for data. We compile it. We analyse it. We publish it. It provides us with a good snapshot of the behaviours and interests of those who visit the site. It also makes for good article content. And so with that in mind, today we look at the Top 5 Most Viewed Architects on Urban.com.au.

What does this mean exactly? The data is based on the number of project page views, with each project being associated with an architect, developer, suburb or builder. To be clear, this doesn't represent the architect with the most projects on our database and the data will be heavily Melbourne-centric as a legacy from our Urban Melbourne days. The most prominent architects in the Urban.com.au database will be the subject of a future series article.

We've also been working on a new embeddable widget of our project database map (and list) which we can include within the body of our articles (such as this one) or on other sites. The widget allows us to filter the project map and list by any criteria from Architect or Builder to Local Government Authority

So without further a adieu, here are the Top 5:

Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Architects

1. Fender Katsalidis

Having designed the likes of Eureka Tower, Republic Tower, World Tower and the currently under construction Australia108, and with 49 projects in the database, it's no surprise that Fender Katsalidis tops the list.


2. Elenberg Fraser

In second place is Elenberg Fraser, who have been responsible for the design of the majority of Melbourne's high-rises in the last 5 years and have 53 projects listed in the database. The tallest of these, Aurora Melbourne Central recently topped out.


3. Rothelowman

In third is Rothelowman which has always had a consistent project pipeline of projects with 89 in total and previously topped the Urban Melbourne Top 15 architect's list. Rothelowman are also the architects behind the Hawthorn Park project, featuring a unique 'Sky Pool'.

4. Hayball

In fourth is Hayball, which currently has 57 projects in the database across Melbourne and South East Queensland. The office is currently involved in the Nightingale Village ensemble in Brunswick.

5. DKO 

With a presence across Melbourne and Sydney and 64 projects listed in total, DKO rounds out the top 5. 

Look out tomorrow for the next article in the series: the Top 5 Most Viewed Suburbs.

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