Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Suburbs

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Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Suburbs
Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Suburbs

Following on from Urban.com.au's piece looking at the Top 5 Most Viewed Architects, today we look at the Top 5 Most Viewed Suburbs. Once again these will be favoured heavily towards Melbourne due to the site's history as Urban Melbourne.

As the database and Urban.com.au's presence continues to expand into the other Australian cities no doubt these will change. But for now here are the Top 5 and their respective development pipelines;

Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Suburbs

1. Melbourne

The Victorian capital is experiencing an unprecedented level of population growth as it races towards becoming Australia’s largest city by 2030. This is being reflected in Melbourne’s strong development pipeline and investment in key infrastructure projects at state and local level, to ensure it remains among the world’s most liveable cities.

While the residential development pipeline appears to be winding down, the likes of West Side Place, Queens Place, Premier Tower, and By The Gardens are just beginning. In other words: the flurry of cranes that have been a permanent fixture on the Melbourne skyline for the last decade are set to remain for quite some time.

2. Southbank

Southbank will continue its transformation over the next five years as it reaches for the sky, but also turns its focus to improving the quality of the public realm.

Significant developments include some of Australia's tallest buildings, with Australia 108 (317m), One Queensbridge Street (323m), and Southbank by Beulah (356m) joining Eureka Tower (297m) to produce a dramatic cluster of buildings.

3. South Melbourne

Having experienced a steady rate of residential development over the last few years, South Melbourne doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing down. A number of apartments are planned for Albert Road, Eastern Road, and Dorcas Street, exploiting views of Albert Park Lake, the Bay, and the Melbourne skyline.

South Melbourne is also experiencing an increase in commercial development around the South Melbourne Market precinct and along Moray Street, reinforcing the suburb’s status as an emerging office precinct of low to mid-rise developments.

4. Footscray

Best remembered in the 90s for Franco Cozzo’s furniture store and iconic ads, Footscray will soon become synonymous with high-rise living as the suburb fulfils its potential as an activity centre and employment cluster, with support from the State Government and Maribyrnong City Council.

5. West Melbourne

Acting as a gateway into the Melbourne CBD, West Melbourne is expected to see considerable development activity, with support from the Council to transform the industrial suburb into a village.

The City of Melbourne has developed a new structure plan for the area including the extension of trams down Spencer Street which would be re-imagined as a ‘high street.’

Keep an eye out for the Top 5 Most Viewed Local Government Areas tomorrow.

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