Crown Group doubles up in Waterloo

Crown Group doubles up in Waterloo
Crown Group doubles up in Waterloo

Crown Group have lodged their second development application within a month for a large tract of land in Waterloo.

Building D is the second of five separate land parcels within the developer's expansive site which falls across the Lachlan Precinct renewal area. Addressed 44-48 O'Dea Avenue, the development in its entirety will see buildings of up to 20 levels delivered.

For the time being though Crown Group has seen it fit to focus on the smaller-scale aspect of their budding precinct. The freshly lodged Building D at 7 levels is similar in scale to Building E which was lodged during March, albeit with a lower overall apartment count.

As with the first stage, Koichi Takada Architects have been given the design duties.

Crown Group doubles up in Waterloo
Archibald Avenue and Reed Street perspective. Planning image: Koichi Takada Architects

Building D contains 7 commercial tenancies and 44 residential apartments above 2 levels of basement parking and services. The intended apartment split sees 2 studios, 12 single bedroom, 24 double bedroom and 6 triple bedroom apartments rolled into the building.

Both Buildings D and E maintain similar external gold banding, although Building D's external arrangement is in a vertical configuration. Koichi Takada Architects describe Building D as follows:

The development is organised in 2 primary masses formed in a L-shape. This comprises of a 4 storey low rise built form along Archibald street, and a 7 storey mid rise fronting Gadigal Ave.

The continuous awning both enhances the streetscape quality and continuous nature of the active street frontage. The upper floors integrate a vertical blade treatment along the facade which assists in breaking down the massing.

As the facade wraps around the building on the three primary frontages, it assists in creating a dynamic facade that helps to break down the apparent mass and visual bulk of the building. The built form is driven by principles of natural ventilation, solar access and visual privacy. 

Crown Group doubles up in Waterloo
Crown Group's Waterloo site. Planning image: Koichi Takada Architects

Thus far combined apartment numbers between both lodged applications amount to 139.

Both are located within the Lachlan Precinct which forms part of the Green Square Urban Renewal Area. City of Sydney's vision for the Lachlan Precinct is that "it will continue to gradually transition from industrial and warehouse uses to a mixed-use residential neighbourhood with high-quality buildings and public spaces."

Crown Group's development site is strategic in that it holds the major axis intersection. Gadigal Avenue runs north-south and is pegged as a major mixed-use thoroughfare whilst Archibald Avenue is on an east-west setting and is slowly developing as the precinct's main retail and café strip.

Koichi Takada Architects' commentary on Building D's street level interaction included the following:

Koichi Takada Architects focuses on a design that enhances both public and residential amenity. The ground plane opens to Archibald Ave, with a highly active retail frontage that will invigorate the streetscape and public domain, providing continuous row of retail tenancies.

The primary active frontage faces south while maximising the district outlook and enhancing available amenity.

Crown Group doubles up in Waterloo
Building D view from Gadigal Avenue. Planning image: Koichi Takada Architects
Crown Group Apartments Waterloo Koichi Takada


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