New conveyancing service to make HashChing home loan process faster

New conveyancing service to make HashChing home loan process faster
New conveyancing service to make HashChing home loan process faster

Independent online mortgage marketplace HashChing has brought to market a conveyancing partnership that provides customers with a one stop shop solution for legal assistance on home loan settlements.

Removing one of the major pain points of property transactions, for a fixed fee, customers can be instantly partnered with experienced solicitors who specialise in real estate settlement.

HashChing is a mortgage marketplace that connects customers looking for home loan deals with experienced community rated mortgage brokers nationwide.

Since launching less than four years ago, HashChing has settled more than $1.3 billion worth of home loan applications and has helped more than 46,000 Australians get a better deal on their home loans. 

“We know that around 20% of settlements are delayed due to a conveyancer’s inefficiency and we’re tackling this problem head on,” said HashChing CEO Mandeep Sodhi. 

“We also know that many transactions are very complex and often end up requiring litigation, which is why partnering with experienced solicitors makes so much sense.”

Sodhi said research showed two out of three first home buyers did not know what conveyancing was, with nearly 40% mistakenly believing it referred to checking property boundaries or other physical matters with the property.

“Our army of community rated mortgage brokers already help Australian borrowers by dealing with banks and lenders on their behalf, and the online mortgage marketplace is now looking to streamline the legal part of the process as well.” he said.

Once a HashChing mortgage broker lodges the loan, borrowers can utilise conveyancing services and get connected to certified solicitors within minutes from their HashChing consumer portal.  

“Getting all the legal documents organised has traditionally been one of the most time-consuming and inefficient parts of buying a property.

"Borrowers are at the mercy of conveyancers, who can sometimes drag the process out unnecessarily and worse – charge more for their own delay.  

Sodhi said borrowers looking to purchase a property without an experienced solicitor were potentially gambling with hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

“By integrating a conveyancing solution into the HashChing online portal, our prices are fixed starting from $995 incl GST plus disbursements, there are no nasty surprises or hidden fees for borrowers, either,” he said.

Customers can log-in to the online dashboard at any stage to check progress of their application with the solicitor.

In addition to the real-time updates to borrower, the HashChing partner broker is also kept updated on the progress through their portal with the exact breakdown of the home loan costs that need to be lodged with the lender.  


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