Williams Landing station, a photographic overview

Williams Landing is the newest station to be added to the Metro network.  Costing $86 million for the station itself + track, catenary and signalling rework.  Lack of foresight with regards to including higher-density development around the station aside, it's quite a handsome station - and came with a feeder bus network from opening as well (however, as is mostly the case in the outer suburbs, the bus frequencies leave a lot to be desired).

I could go on about the futile nature of why the outer suburbs should not expect infrastructure such as this as soon as the first sod of soil on the next contribution to Melbourne's sprawling expanse is turned (that's for a future Transport Wednesday), however given the infrequency of any new public transport infrastructure being proposed let alone built, it's best not to kick an own goal.  Right? 

All photos taken by and copyright Ryan Seychell.

The problem with new stations: oversized car parks


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The most overpriced station in history. The lengthy walkway over the highway goes absolutely nowhere.

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Sure it did cost a lot to build, but I assume that it has been built to anticipate future population growth in Williams Landing and Point Cook. If we could rewind 20 years, it would have been very smart to construct a train line that came off the current line and terminated at the Point Cook RAAF base with two train stations between the RAAF Base and Aircraft. Alas that didn't happen. You might be interested in reading our recent article about PT zoning and ticketing which talks a bit about Williams Landing station.



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