Victorian budget 2017: more new trams and trains on the way

3rd May 2017
Yesterday's budget contained a not-so-insignificant amount allocated to the procurement of more rail vehicles for both the tram network and the regional V/Line network. $218.1 million has been set... Read more

Melbourne's first 'High Capacity Metro Line'

3rd Mar 2017
Casual observers of transport investment in Melbourne could be forgiven for missing the bigger picture with the quick succession of recent announcements by the Minister for Public Transport over the past few weeks. Read more

Next generation of Melbourne's train fleet unveiled

12th Sep 2016
This morning at a media conference in the historic Newport Workshops, the Premier, Minister for Public Transport and Minister for Industry and Employment announced the Evolution Rail consortium was... Read more

After Melbourne Metro: should we rebrand the rail network?

26th Feb 2016
The Melbourne Metro Rail project will be the catalyst for a big shakeup in the way our rail network operates once it's operational in 2026 and the way we refer to individual rail lines will become... Read more

Melbourne's train fleet to be expanded

2nd Jul 2015
On Monday 29th of June, the Minister of Public Transport, Jacinta Allan, and Minister for Industry, Lily D'Ambrosio, called for expressions of interest for the design, construction and maintenance of... Read more

Spring Street kicks off Dandenong corridor level crossing removal project

27th May 2015
The business end of getting the Dandenong corridor grade separation project moving is nigh, with the month of June set to see the Government receive expressions of interest from interested parties to... Read more

New rail technology: Alstom's Axonis light metro

22nd May 2015
Railways are the freeways of the public transport world. They consume enormous amounts of capital during design and construction phases and require regular maintenance once operational. Comparatively... Read more

Orbital rail lines in Melbourne: where would they go?

8th May 2015
Today's piece is inspired somewhat by Grant Wyeth 's ( @grantwyeth ) guest post over on Alan Davies' The Urbanist blog and it centers exclusively on where would an orbital rail line (or set of rail... Read more

Is a rail line to Rye really feasible?

8th Apr 2015
Despite politics in general being on the nose of late, public transport is one policy area where the public remains engaged. Tell them Tony Abbott has offended yet another unsuspecting minority group... Read more

The Dandenong corridor wish list

1st Apr 2015
In a series of media releases, Spring Street has announced it has dumped the previous Coalition government's Dandenong corridor project - which was originally pitched to them by a private consortium... Read more