The Landmark construction update

Image credit: The Landmark/Facebook
Image credit: The Landmark/Facebook

The Landmark Construction Update 

As at the beginning of August 2019, the following tasks were being completed at the site for The Landmark:

  • Material load out 

  • Jackhammering 

  • Excavation Rock breaking

  • Grinding Saw cutting 

  • Material deliveries including reinforcement, concrete supply, formwork, and scaffolding materials 

  • Equipment attachment deliveries i.e., Buckets, Grinders, Jackhammers 

General site maintenance works, which include the use of excavators, are currently taking place.

Who is building The Landmark?

The Landmark is being developed by New Hope Group, who operate in various sectors including coal mining, exploration, port operation, oil, agriculture, innovative technologies and investments, working in conjunction with VIMG, a professional management team who develop unique, modern and comfortable residential, commercial and hotel projects in the best addresses on offer.

The building has been designed by Warren and Mahoney architects who are formed of sector specialists and multi-disciplinary experts, that focus their work on international best practice and cross-sector insights.