Weekly Podcast: Episode 39 - FKD's Isaac Mortimer talks CGI

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Weekly Podcast: Episode 39 - FKD's Isaac Mortimer talks CGI

This week I catch up with a really good friend and former colleague of mine, Isaac Mortimer who is a senior CGI Artist at FKD Studio. We chat about his transition from architecture into the world of CGI visualisation, how it came about, what he finds so interesting about it and his advice for anyone looking to take it up as a career. We also discuss The Meg, a bit of Star Wars and Isaac's dogs' instagram account.

You can listen to Urban.com.au's Podcast with FKD Studio directors Ben Rappell and Nick King from earlier in the year here.

You can follow Isaac on instagram: @mortimerisaac

Or his two mini dachshunds Fritz and Lenny:@fritz_lenny

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