Weekly Podcast: Episode 30 - Hayball's Bianca Hung talks Nightingale Village

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Weekly Podcast: Episode 30 - Hayball's Bianca Hung talks Nightingale Village

In today's podcast I sit down with Hayball Director Bianca Hung to chat about the design of CRT+YRD which is one of seven ensemble of buildings that form Nightingale Village in Brunswick.

Urban.com.au briefly covered the project, which as the name suggests is based around a communal courtyard that forms the heart of the building, as part of our ongoing Nightingale Village series. 

Bianca discusses the process for Hayball becoming involved in the project, along with site selection and the genesis of the central courtyard as a key design aspiration early on in the design process.

Designing for a broad cross-section of society with no specific demographic, in addition to ensuring the design of the apartments are suitable for people of various degrees of mobility is also discussed.

Bianca emphasises the importance of designing a good base which residents can tailor to suit their particular circumstances, with flexibility and adaptability key design measures.

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