Liberal party promises two-storey height limits for Bayside suburbs

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Liberal party promises two-storey height limits for Bayside suburbs

Opposition leader Matthew Guy has announced that if the Liberal party are able to form government at this month's state election then his government would introduce mandatory height limits across multiple bayside suburbs.

Nominating the height limit of 8 metres - the equivalent of two levels, the opposition leader and previous state government Planning Minister said he'd work with local governments to introduce neighbourhood residential zones with mandatory height limits of 8 metres.

The Liberal leader said the new neighbourhood residential zoning will apply to the area from Mentone to the Kananook Creek in Frankston in residential areas between the foreshore and the railway line.  Local councils will be involved with the process according to a Liberal party statement.

Likewise, the opposition leader announced within the proposed changes to the neighbourhood residential zone, a two dwelling cap will also apply to the land along the foreshore.

The Liberal party claim the ALP's level crossing removal programme for Carrum which will see an elevated rail track built along with a new station has "raised expectations of developers to get inappropriate high rise projects approved along the beautiful foreshore areas."

Election wonks think the election will be won or lost in Melbourne's sandbelt

It's a widely held belief this month's election will be won or lost in Melbourne's Sandbelt - specifically the four seats along the Frankston railway line, the very same area which this opposition policy applies to.

A quick look at the project database map shows a smattering of higher-density projects along the Mentone to Frankston foreshore.

There are zero projects located between the foreshore and railway line however we are monitoring a handful of projects located east of the railway line in Seaford, Chelsea, Edithvale, Aspendale and Mordialloc.

The bulk of the projects that are currently listed are broadly located in General Residential Zone areas.  See VicPlan for an overview of the current zoning along the Menton to Frankston foreshore.

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Discussion (2 comments)

Grampians's picture
desperate trump-like contortions of policy
effing pathetic milke toast pandering to entitled ponces
Nicholas Harrison's picture
So the Liberals are proposing local planning controls for the sole purpose of reminding people of what they consider to be an unpopular decision by the current government. Nice.
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