Melbourne's low-rise high-density: all projects with 5 or 6 floors in one long list

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Melbourne's low-rise high-density: all projects with 5 or 6 floors in one long list
Melbourne's low-rise high-density: all projects with 5 or 6 floors in one long list

Following on from Friday's list of 2, 3 and 4 floor low-rise high-density projects, today we're looking exclusively at projects which have either 5 or 6 floors.

There are 243 current projects in the list below and while the overwhelming majority of projects are residential, there are a few notable commercial projects such as the ABC's expansion of its offices and broadcast facilities on Southbank, the East Edge Botannica project in Richmond and 8 Hall Street in Hawthorn.

Factoring in purely residential projects, the list of projects below yields 10,781 dwellings from planning assessment to construction.

The low-rise high-density story

Combining the numbers across both lists - that is, buildings with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 floors - there are just under 18,000 dwellings across 453 projects (2 more low-rise projects have been added since Friday's article). 46% of all projects on Urban Melbourne Project Database have 6 or less floors.

Project StatusNumber of ProjectsNumber of Dwellings
Planning Assessment994175
Registration and Sales1415116
Under Construction1164808

Furthermore Urban Melbourne has site area data on 214 of the 453 projects outlined in the table above; this subset has an average of 312 dwellings per hectare. Dwellings per hectare = 10,000 ÷ (Site Area m2 ÷ Dwellings).

Where Friday's list has projects which provide a good insight into what is possible in the residential growth zone throughout the Metropolitan area, today's list looks at the small step up into areas where suburban structure plans encourage higher-density development.

See Friday's article for the list of projects with 2, 3 or 4 floors.

And it's over to the Project Database once again. Here's the list of projects with either 5 or 6 floors.

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