Vires Acquirit Eundo: Melbourne 180

Vires Acquirit Eundo: Melbourne 180
Alastair TaylorAugust 19, 2015

Cities are the foundation on which modern society comes together to share, develop and exploit ideas for the betterment of everyone. Humans and the built environment are in a never ending symbiotic relationship with each other in the great cities of the world and seeks to create a content rich meeting place for the wider Melbourne community and urban development industry stakeholders – developers, architects, urban planners, sales agents – to come together and discuss, critique, admire and ultimately project an image of how they wish to see their city grow in the future.

Our city's motto - Vires acquirit eundo - specifically states we gather strength as we go, and to go, or more contextually relevant grow, we must do so sensibly and sustainably around a framework of core urban, rather than suburban, principles that drive growth into areas which maximise the usage of existing land based in suitable urban corridors. manifesto

I would normally say any time is as good a time as any to debate the future direction of our city but days such as this are a good time to reflect on the past and recommit to stated - written or oral - goals.

To a grander, sustainable, tolerant, entrepreneurial and most definitely more urban Melbourne!

Lead image credit: Panoramio.

Alastair Taylor

Alastair Taylor is a co-founder of Now a freelance writer, Alastair focuses on the intersection of public transport, public policy and related impacts on medium and high-density development.

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