About Urban

Urban is an independent source of medium and high-density urban projects right around Australia.

Urban fills a void - through its public and open project database - that has existed since the late 1990s when Melbourne super-charged its urban redevelopment precincts and we aim to continue to illustrate to the doubtful, nay-sayers and anti-urban development sections of the community that "medium and high-density" does not mean 100 level skyscrapers next to single level established houses and the terms are as diverse as the city's population itself.

Our passion is to shine a spotlight on all the developers, architects, builders and the community at large that are actively engaged in and support Australia's future growth needs through urban, rather than suburban, principles and development.

We invite everyday Australians, those from around the country and overseas; members of academic, political, property development, architecture and planning communities to participate in an open and constructive way to project an image of the urban future of Australia.


Cities are the foundation on which modern society comes together to share, develop and exploit ideas for the betterment of everyone. Humans and the built environment are in a never ending symbiotic relationship with each other in the great cities of the world and Urban seeks to create a content rich meeting place for the wider community and Urban development industry stakeholders – developers, architects, urban planners, sales agents – to come together and discuss, critique, admire and ultimately project an image of how they wish to see their city grow in the future.

Our city's motto - Vires acquirit eundo - specifically states we gather strength as we go, and to go, or more contextually relevant grow, we must do so sensibly and sustainably around a framework of core urban, rather than suburban, principles that drive growth into areas which maximise the usage of existing land based in suitable urban corridors.

We encourage all Australias and those from farther afield to participate in the comment threads on various news and opinion pieces, project pages and especially in our community forum because when the community's vision can be clearly understood, developed and executed, we will, together, grow a better, grander and more prosperous city for future generations.

We want community and industry readers alike to think of Urban as an independent news and editorial platform and an urban development information aggregation service performing functions for the community. Whether you're a resident seeking information on a development application in your local area, an architecture admirer, an engaged community member seeking to have your say on Australia's future, looking for sales information on your next dwelling purchase or just interested in what makes Australia's built environment tick, Urban is here to serve you.

Urban vs. Suburban

Simply put, Urban is about:

... the urban small

Image © Rothe Lowman

and the urban tall.

Image © Elenberg Fraser

Maximising the effective use of this...

Image © sydney-australia.biz

... in order to minimise this.

Continued auto-centric transportation expansion - image credit Wikipedia

It's about retrofitting appropriate suburban areas... so we don't have to keep doing this.

Right image courtesy news.com.au