Night falls on Montague Precinct

Night falls on Montague Precinct
Laurence DragomirOctober 25, 2015

The evolution of Montague Precinct will soon gain further momentum with BPM’s Night Fall project set to become reality. Inspired by elements of urban New York, it has been designed to add a sense of New York to the rich grain and fabric of the area and to provide a contrast to some of the taller developments both approved and proposed within the precinct.

The $26.5 million boutique project comprises 45 apartments over 7-storeys and is located at 165 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, just 1.5km from the CBD, 2km to the arts precinct and within walking distance of South Melbourne Market and Bay Street shopping precincts. The mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments range in size from 45sqm to 110sqm.

According to BPM Founder and Company Director, Jonathan Hallinan, Night Fall was very much in keeping with his business philosophy of bringing the BPM to areas of potential such as Montague Precinct.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the site. We do things a little differently in that the way we look at it is that we’re bringing BPM to the area; we’re very committed to our brand and all of our marketing is identical irrespective of whether it’s in Carnegie, Melbourne CBD, Southbank, Brisbane or even Los Angeles.

My number one business philosophy has been to build a property portfolio – and the quote to take from that and which is something I tell everyone is that the risk of being out of the market is far greater than the risk of being in it.

It’s very much about the portfolio and the diversity of that portfolio. That can take form in towers but we also want to keep developing the boutique as well.

We want to be involved in diverse areas and areas where we see the potential for future growth and potential – areas which are gentrifying and have the potential to become hubs with a strong food and coffee culture.

Jonathan Hallinan, BPM
Night falls on Montague Precinct
Night Fall hero perspective. Image courtesy BPM

Hallinan cites the Montague precinct's revitalisation and the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the area as the main drawcard for BPM. By tapping into the existing character and infrastructure of the location, BPM seek to enhance the sense of local neighbourhood identity and create a community for residents.

Because of the change in planning there is an incredible potential for developers to come in to the area but geographically Montague Precinct being so close to South Melbourne, Southbank and the CBD, it has the potential to get a food and coffee culture into it and that interests us in the long term.

The fact that this isn’t just blank land that will be developed with completely new buildings and the opportunity to get a really good mix of new and old really appealed to us. We’re very committed to the area and there will be some more news around that coming out shortly.

Jonathan Hallinan, BPM

A 102sqm café space wraps the laneway corner and opens up to the residential lobby, providing residents with a barista on their doorstop, as well as a community hub.

Designed in collaboration with architects DKO and interior designers Hecker Guthrie, BPM’s vision was to create a sense of identity and belonging for residents through a restrained yet sophisticated design that takes inspiration from the Bulgari hotel in London, with a New York feel. It was DKO's willingness to work with Hallinan's vision for the site that saw them engaged for Night Fall.

I think DKO have a good aesthetic eye. Every building that we develop derives from me, the look and feel, aesthetically comes from me.

Some architects are willing to follow that and amplify what I want, what I need really well because they have a similar aesthetic eye to me and DKO certainly were quite happy to do so. DKO were able to amplify my ideas around the architecture whereas there are a lot of architects where it’s their design and their idea.

At BPM we design the buildings ourselves.

Jonathan Hallinan, BPM

Night Fall’s architectural form is classically restrained and masculine with refined exterior finishes crafted in response to the surrounding environment.

Warm palettes of industrial elements, such as anodised bronze panelling and contrast black detailing, are offset by softer textured off-white exterior treatments and polished edges.

Hannah Jonasson, Associate Director of DKO

The carefully considered and light filled spaces are framed by generous balconies and an orientation that maximises natural daylight and the stunning city views to the north-east and bay views to the south-west.

The interiors feature strong architectural geometries. The space is defined by shade and a palette of sophisticated white on white contrasts with elements of warmth applied to the articulated forms. Highlights of fine black detailing are introduced in hardware such as tapware and door handles.

Hamish Guthrie, Director of Hecker Guthrie
Night falls on Montague Precinct
Night Fall Living area. Courtesy BPM

Living areas are defined by a textured carpet with purchasers able to customise the planning of the space. The overall warm palette is complemented with the texture of the floor boards, carpet and tiled hob.

Kitchens feature freestanding joinery that are inserted elements into the space, with a cracked glazed tiled hob and concealed uplighting wrapping the freestanding kitchen. The island benchtop features a streamlined ceramic finish with a 900mm wide Fisher and Pykel integrated dish drawer with the option of chrome or black tapware. The Smeg oven and cooktop are accompanied by a concealed rangehood shroud by custom panels.

Night falls on Montague Precinct
Night Fall kitchen interior. Courtesy BPM.

Bathrooms floors are tiled with a large format grey tile that continues throughout the walk-in-shower. A standalone custom vanity unit reflects the kitchen aesthetic, along with the option of chrome or black tapware. A custom shaving cabinet with wall mounted lighting provides added storage.

Construction of Night Fall is scheduled to commence in late 2015, with completion expected in late 2016. With a strong pipeline of projects set to be announced soon headed by Light Edge in Richmond in addition to a development within the eastern end of the Melbourne CBD also on the cards, it's set to be a busy few years for BPM building on its last 20.

Laurence Dragomir

Laurence Dragomir is one of the co-founders of Urban Melbourne. Laurence has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience working in both the private and public sector specialising in architecture, urban design and planning. He also has a keen interest in the built environment, cities and Star Wars.

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