Majority of Australians don't know their home loan's interest rate

Only 46.5% of those surveyed by Mortgage Choice knew their current interest rate, much lower than 61.5% in 2018 and 71% in 2016

Majority of Australians don't know their home loan's interest rate
Majority of Australians don't know their home loan's interest rate

Australian homeowners rank paying off their mortgage as their greatest life priority yet over 50% don't know the exact current interest rate on their home loan, according to new research commissioned by Mortgage Choice.

The research survey found a disconnect between the increased financial concerns borrowers are experiencing from COVID-19 and knowledge of whether their interest rate is competitive.

Only 46.5% of respondents knew their current interest rate, Much fewer in 2020 compared to previous surveys commissioned by Mortgage Choice (61.5% in 2018 and 71% in 2016).

This increased complacency comes at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has put more people under financial pressure. Over 62% of Australians admit that COVID-19 has caused them to worry more about money, with 65.6% trying to boost their resilience by saving more, spending less and improving their financial knowledge.

Majority of Australians don't know their home loan's interest rate

"Our research suggests that Australians are more focused than ever on their finances, yet many are being complacent with their biggest expense and potentially biggest saving, Susan Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer at Mortgage Choice, said.

Homeowners aged 30 to 39 were the most likely to not know their interest rate (64.5%), with those aged 50 to 59 years close behind at 56.4%.

Ms Mitchell said, "it's so important to know your interest rate because if you’ve been complacent the chances that you are paying too much are extremely high. Every Australian should make it a New Year resolution to review their home loan. Give yourself an early Christmas present by reducing your rate and saving on repayments.”

However, Australians are not keeping track of interest rates or checking to see if they are getting the best deal. Asked how often they review their home loan, 13.7% said never, and 44.4% said every couple of years. Even fewer (41.9%) review their loan annually.

“I strongly encourage all borrowers who haven’t had their loan reviewed in the last 24 months to speak to their broker or their lender to learn if they’re still in a competitive home loan," added Ms Mitchell.

"In the past year alone, the cash rate has dropped by 65 basis points, and many lenders are open to negotiating on rate reductions. Let's say your principal and interest rate is 3.99% and shopping around with the help of a mortgage broker enables you to drop by 50 basis points to 3.49%. On a 30-year home loan of $600,000, the savings could be in the vicinity of $170 a month," she concluded.

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