I Spy... new planning applications

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I Spy... new planning applications

What better place to start than with a glimpse of Elenberg Fraser's most recent planning application at 248-280 Sturt Street, Southbank as seen above. Designed for property stalwart Hudson Conway, The building form consists of two dominant floor plates that are connected by a transitional twist in the building.

With its incredible form and monochromatic adaptive lighting, the 120 metre residential tower is more at home in a sci fi landscape rather than Southbank. Silver reflective glazing and polished stainless steel define its exterior - the tower smacks of cutting edge quality!

I Spy... new planning applications

Above is the first public viewing of Cottee Parker's newest Melbourne tower, 605-613 Lonsdale Street. Adjacent to Upper West Side, this is Cottee Parker's fifth tower for the block with four more in planning directly opposite at 250 Spencer Street - all for Far East Consortium.

The 160 metre tower holds 399 apartments and carries some interesting design features such as exposed 'ribs' similar to those of Tower 5 in Docklands.

I Spy... new planning applications

dKO Architecture also feature with their redefined scheme at 6-22 Pearl River Road, Docklands. Under the auspices of Singaporean developer Hiap Hoe, dKO have produced A well designed mixed use village that is lively and interesting, has a coherent urban character and provides a signature building for the NewQuay Central Precinct.

Gone is the precast northern tower, in its place a sleek 56 metre hotel tower. Carrying shades of Crown Metropol through the design, the reincarnation is of a high quality and inline with the slightly altered adjoining residential tower.

I Spy... new planning applications

Last but not least is Hayball's Fishermans Bend quad tower proposal on behalf of Goodman Group. 850 Lorimer Street will feature four residential towers containing 1354 apartments, with two towers expected to peak at 145 metres.

Wedged between Mirvac's Yarra's Edge and the proposed 351 Ingles Street development, the scheme represents a departure from the humble precast concrete panel which visually define so many Hayball projects.

Watch for detailed articles outlining each of the planning applications in the weeks to come.

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