Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour

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Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour
Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour

Following on from last week's Docklands construction update on NewQuay and Harbour Town, is an update on the Victoria Harbour precinct being delivered by Lend Lease. Construction has been constant on the peninsula site, just as one project is finishes another begins.

At the moment construction is centred largely to the west with a series of large scale residential buildings at various stages of their construction programmes. The built form of the precinct will continue to edge ever closer to the Bolte Bridge as the final stage known as Collins Wharf gets underway.

The current projects below will between them provide over 1500 apartments within the precinct.

The Residences

Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour
The Residences at Victoria Harbour

Located behind Forte, the boutique development known as 'The Residences' comprises six luxury freehold terrace homes nestled within the heart of Victoria Harbour, and located on Geographe Street. The materiality of the individual homes reflects the materials of the surrounding context, with Melbourne bluestone grounding the houses in the active laneways and parkland and the timber screens softening the façade and introducing a natural element.

The project is progressing with the townhouses reaching their full height and installation of the timber screens commencing.

888 Collins Street

Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour
88 Collins Street progress.

888 Collins Street, which commands the corner site where Bourke and Collins Street converge at the waterfront has topped out with facade installation across both buildings now complete. Testing of the LED lighting display on the shorter building continues and retail fitout to Bourke Street is yet to commence.

Along with the Concavo building, 888 Collins Street completes the Bourke Street streetscape.

839-889 Collins Street

Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour
839-889 Collins Street progressing well

Four towers consisting of two sets of twins sit atop massive podia with frontages to the Yarra River and Collins Street is progressing well with facade installation commencing on the western half of the project and the tower floorplates beginning to rise. The podiums feature a combination of timber and brick spandrels providing the project with a historical and site specific contextual response, referencing the maritime history of the Docklands.

The project has a whopping 1,070 apartments.

No.1 Collins Wharf

Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour
No.1 Collins Wharf. Photo courtesy of Redden

1 Collins Wharf is the latest Victoria Harbour project to reach sales with early works progressing in preparing for construction. Given Lend Lease's record it's a fair assumption that 1 Collins Wharf may well keep rolling into construction, adding another 321 apartments to the area.

Who's next?

Docklands update June 2016: Victoria Harbour
A new hotel for Victoria Harbour?

Seen above is one of a number of concept images for the remaining land parcel at 839 Collins Street. While the possibility of a boutique hotel remains, recent talk has shifted toward another commercial complex for the site, quite possibly in order to expand the presence of ANZ which maintains its headquarters next door.

Whatever its final use, 839 Collins Street shapes as the next project for Victoria Harbour.

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