Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town

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Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town

Before I jet off to Europe next week I thought being a pleasant winter's day, I would do one final construction update focusing on NewQuay + Harbour Town and Victoria Harbour, the two most active precincts within Docklands in terms of construction activity. Part one will focus on the former including projects under construction in addition to upcoming developments within both.


Beginning at NewQuay Central, the area which once formed the gateway into the former Waterfront City precinct is awash with activity as three projects yielding five towers and a new park are at various stages of construction. The furthest advanced of these projects are Aqui and Promenade. The dual towers are being delivered by Hickory for MAB and topped out last month with the installation of the silver and gold glazing progressing at a steady pace.

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Aqui and Promenade, NewQuay.

MAB's other project in the area - Banksia - has seen Hickory take control of the site and commence site works to deliver the tower and just as importantly, a new park. The best vantage point to get an appreciation of the site and observe the construction is the upper level of the low-rise buildings along the waterfront.

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Banksia site, with Marina Tower in the background.

Appearing in the background of the Banksia photos is Hiap Hoe's Marina Tower and Four Points Sheraton hotel being built by Probuild. The tallest of the NewQuay towers, the 43-storey hotel has commenced its skyward ascent with its distinct 'dancing' forms are yet to fully reveal themselves.

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Marina Tower and Four Points Sheraton Docklands.

NewQuay's latest apartment offering hot off the heels of Banksia is Elm & Stone, which is currently selling. The twin tower project designed by DKO Architecture is located along Docklands Drive and has seen a slight redesign to it's primary facades.

The glazed bronze facades remain, providing a contrast to the white framed buildings. Planter boxes are also provided for residents on balconies to create a cascade of green down the facade.

Elm & Stone features a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom split-level lofts and apartments as well as rooftop communal garden atop the podium in addition to other resident facilities.

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Elm & Stone currently selling. Image courtesy of MAB

During my walk I also noticed that The Arkley building had received a coat of blue paint to the edges of its balconies. This presents the first visible sign of maintenance on the original NewQuay towers with some now 14 years old!

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
The Arkley receives a highlight of blue paint.

Harbour Town

Harbour Town Melbourne is currently in the midst of a substantial overhaul by owners Ashe Morgan. These works have included the installation of new ETFE canopies designed by The Buchan Group in addition to hardscape works and removal of redundant escalators and bridges.

Awnings have also been removed and the shells of the shopfronts peeled back and painted white. But it won't end there.

Harbour Town will also see the construction of a new 8-cinema Hoyts on the site of what was previously the temporary home of the Winter Wonderland as illustrated in the rendering below:

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Harbour Town Melbourne's new 8-cinema Hoyts complex. Image courtesy of Hoyts.

The Hoyts complex will effectively provide a bookend to the Harbour Town area and link back to the existing centre.

Further works to be undertaken also include the provision of a supermarket and extension to Harbour Town's gateway building along Docklands Drive.This extension will extend over the street and provide a somewhat more sophisticated front door to the centre.

At this stage no further works are proposed to the facade of the residential apartments above, however the second of the canopies will also extend through to Docklands Drive complimenting the new entry experience from Docklands Drive.

Docklands update June 2016: Newquay and Harbour Town
Harbour Town Melbourne gateway extension. Image courtesy Harbour Town.

Other projects in the area include Capital Alliance's 26-38 Pearl River Road and 3-43 Waterfront Way. Both sites abut Harbour Town and were acquired by Capital Alliance in December 2014. Both are currently at planning with the latter on its way to VCAT.

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Discussion (1 comment)

Peter H's picture

The improvements to the failed outdoor shopping centre are long overdue. Keeping it's outdoor feel, whilst providing weather protection, is smart. Let's hope the supermarket is a full size new-style Aldi, or even a Lidl, rather than yet another Coles (already in Spencer St opposite Lonsdale) or Woolies (already in Docklands near Collins/Bourke). The shopping centre needs to become widely known as more than just an outlet centre - the right tenants and smart marketing including to Melbournians, not just tourists, will do that.

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