City of Melbourne provides conditional support for Salta's Docklands project

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City of Melbourne provides conditional support for Salta's Docklands project
City of Melbourne provides conditional support for Salta's Docklands project

Salta's 695-699 LaTrobe Street development is a step closer to being realised following the City of Melbourne providing conditional support for the project via its Future Committee meeting last night. The 29-storey development would rise to an overall height of 94.5m and provide an entry and gateway statement into the precinct.

Located on the corner of LaTrobe Street and Harbour Esplanade, the Fender Katsalidis-designed tower would add 197 hotel rooms under the Hotel Indigo brand in addition to 26 serviced apartments and 276 apartments on one of the last undeveloped plots of land around Marvel Stadium

When it first unveiled the latest design for the site two years ago, Salta announced that it would develop the tower under the 'build-to-rent' model, which would have been a first in Victoria.

Grocon's Home Southbank will instead claim that title with the site already cleared in preparation for construction of a 60-storey tower, designed by Bates Smart.

“Once developed, instead of selling the residential aspects of the building we will retain the 260 apartments and offer them as long-term multi-family leases – a tried and proven concept in overseas markets that will be new for Victorians. Prices in the Melbourne rental market are also increasing at alarming rates, so we are exploring a concept to respond to this situation and provide Victorians with a different housing option."

- Sam Tarascio, Salta Properties Managing Director (May 2017)

City of Melbourne's Urban Design team cited the lack of a typical podium articulation and the loss of three expressed volumes along the waterfront elevation as its key concerns, features the earlier endorsed scheme displayed.

In response Fender Katsalidis have introduced vertical 'breaks' between the fluid, wave forms in addition to vertical timber fins to the lower levels to provide some articulation of a 'base' and gradation detail to the public realm. 

City of Melbourne provides conditional support for Salta's Docklands project
695 LaTrobe Street Before and After. Images: FKA

City of Melbourne's endorsement of 695 LaTrobe Street represents the next wave of Docklands projects and comes hot off the heels of Council also providing conditional support for the next two stages of Lendlease's Collins Wharf development at Victoria Harbour.

The dual tower development of 27 & 28-storeys respectively, will inject 659 dwellings into the precinct and will extend the Docklands skyline ever closer to the Bolte Bridge. The City of Melbourne planners had asked architects Warren and Mahoney to revisit the facade strategy for CW3 to better distinguish the two towers, reflected in the planning elevation below;

City of Melbourne provides conditional support for Salta's Docklands project
No.2 & No.3 Collins Wharf elevation. Planning Image: Warren and Mahoney

The final say on both developments rests with Planning Minister Richard Wynne's department.

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