How to trust the young first time renters?

How to trust the young first time renters?
How to trust the young first time renters?


How to trust the young first time renters?


Younger people face discrimination based on their age - that is, they're worried their rental applications won't be accepted, and that their landlords won't trust them because of their limited rental history.

Landlords can be reluctant to leave their property with younger people, because these young tenants cannot prove they have successfully rented before.

A new start-up called Trustbond, is changing this dynamic by allowing tenants to share their online reputations to prove their trustworthiness. Trustbond measures trustworthiness using online data including networks, ratings and reviews from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Airbnb, eBay and Uber to determine a tenant’s TrustScore.      

“Online reputation is the loyal handshake of today. A new kind of trust, based on the principles of old. Every time we connect online with someone to shop, sell, ride share, house share and interact within an online community we are earning trust and building reputation. We are showing our character and the type of people we are. This reputation can be used to prove trust in new contexts like renting,” Trustbond Country Manager, Will Soutar, said.

Based on focus groups conducted by George Patterson Y&R, in May 2017:

-       70% of participants said  "I would trust somebody based on their digital reputation."

-       90% of participants said "I believe my digital reputation is an accurate reflection of who I actually am." 

Trustbond enables tenants to harness their digital reputation to help rent a home. Tenants can easily build a free online reputation profile that can be easily shared with agents and landlords to build trust. Trustworthy tenants can replace the cash bond with a Trustbond for a small premium.TRUSTBOND

For more information, watch the video below or go to Trustbond.

Rental Bond Trustbond

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