What will Australian property prices get you in London?

What will Australian property prices get you in London?
What will Australian property prices get you in London?

Australian property prices continue to rise, according to the latest data from CoreLogic. But many investors will be scratching their heads and wondering if and when the good times may be coming to a halt.

Over the past year prices in Sydney and Melbourne have risen by over 15% and 13% respectively. Price growth in Brisbane and Adelaide hasn’t quite matched those heady double-digit heights, but at about 4% growth year on year, both cities are returning decent dividends for property investors.

The only city dragging down CoreLogic’s five city capital average is Perth; the city recording a slight uptick in December, but failing to make up for the price declines earlier last year.

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What will Australian property prices get you in London?

But what will the median price in these cities buy you in a city around the globe?

With a long history of cultural ties, the UK property market has long been a haven for keen Australian investors (by some calculations the favourite overseas property market for Australian investors). Many Australian property investors are able to purchase property in the UK, subject to tax laws, and many others hold UK or EU citizenship which allows them to (currently) purchase property with fewer restrictions.

With Brexit on the horizon, Savills is predicting the central London property boom is about to ground to a halt. Many economists predict an economic slowdown in the UK and a decrease in immigration will temper house price and demand for rental properties, while some argue the fall in sterling will present great opportunities for the astute investor.

So what will the average median price buy you in London?

The current median asking price of a property in London is £1,198,081 ($1.49 million), then it won’t surprise that bargains are hard to come by. Though, keen-eyed investors may be able to pluck diamonds from the rough.


According to CoreLogic’s December 2016 indices report, Sydney’s all-dwelling median price sat at $1,056,000.

At current exchange rates, the equivalent median price in London (£644,000) would fetch you a three bedroom, two bathroom flat (pictured below) in the Edgware Road precinct of West London, close to Hyde Park, Notting Hill and Buckingham Palace.

The south-east region of Wandsworth has a roughly similar median price for a studio apartment to Sydney’s all-dwelling price, according to London Property Watch.

 What will Australian property prices get you in London?


Melbourne’s median price sits at $863,260, according to CoreLogic. The equivalent amount in sterling (£525,000) would put you in the market for a 535 square foot (approx. 163 square metres), two bedroom apartment in the north-west area of West Hampstead, not far from the bustling hub of Camden Town.

The south-west region of Surbiton, not far from Hampton Court Palace has a similar median price for a two bedroom apartment to Melbourne’s median dwelling price.

What will Australian property prices get you in London?


Brisbane’s median dwelling value of $549,630 equates to roughly the price of a £335,000 studio flat in the rapidly changing area of the Isle of Dogs in East London.

The area may be the home of EastEnders but the area is now being known for its rapidly shifting cityscape and a Brisbanite may feel content with a property parallel. The north-west suburb of Kingsbury in London has a comparable median price, according to LPW.

What will Australian property prices get you in London?


Adelaide has the lowest median dwelling value of the five included in CoreLogic’s aggregate, at $472,000.

The British equivalent of £288,000 would have an investor in the market for a two bedroom flat property in Leyton, a stone throw from the Olympic Stadium.

The suburb also would match Adelaide’s all-dwelling price, albeit only for a one-bedroom flat.

What will Australian property prices get you in London?


Perth’s property market may have declined in the wake of the end of the mining boom, but its all-dwelling value still eclipses all bar Sydney and Melbourne in CoreLogic’s five city aggregate. Its median value of $581,280 would be put a buyer in the London market in the range of a £350,000 one –bedroom flat in the southern region of Stockwell.  The 605 square foot apartment is close to the bustling region of Brixton.

A two bedroom flat in the north-west region of Hendon would be similar to Adelaide’s median price.

What will Australian property prices get you in London?

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