Property faces valuation uncertainty in the wake of Covid-19

Property faces valuation uncertainty in the wake of Covid-19
Property faces valuation uncertainty in the wake of Covid-19

The economic impacts from COVID-19 on valuing, owning, managing and administering commercial real estate will be profound, according to a paper released by Property Funds Association.

In conjunction with property valuation firm, Preston Rowe Paterson, The PFA/PRP issues paper Dealing with Valuation Uncertainty – Investment Real Estate serves as a guide to stakeholders in the asset revaluation process during the COVID-19 crisis, raising potential issues among the accounting and valuation standards.

Paul Healy, CEO of Property Funds Association (PFA), said valuation challenges will be felt across the property industry. “It is almost certain that lenders, regulators and auditors will heighten the scrutiny of investment real estate valuations.

“As an industry we are all in this together and it’s important we defer to the recognised accounting and valuation standards."

“These fair valuation standards weren’t all available during the global financial crisis and will help property to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. It’s important we have some uniformity around valuation, which will benefit all in the property investment industry”, he said.

According to the paper, key challenges to accurate property valuations include the speed of COVID-19’s impact on the economy, lack of comparable property data, and the impact from newly introduced legislation including the Commonwealth’s Commercial Leasing Code.

The paper says: “Given the speed with which we have entered into the economic impact of Covid 19… it is likely that there will be a period of time where the market is starved of sale and lease transactions struck after the announcement of the pandemic on 2 March 2020 which would ordinarily allow the direct comparison methodology to apply.”

It also says the Commonwealth’s Commercial Leasing Code (the Code): “…will have a sudden and profound impact on investment real estate cash flows for the period of the Covid 19 pandemic and, as espoused in the Code, a reasonable recovery period, which will in turn impact the underlying value of the asset based on pre COVID 19 cash flows.

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