NBtax is here, just in time for FY2015 tax time: Napier & Blakeley

NBtax is here, just in time for FY2015 tax time: Napier & Blakeley
NBtax is here, just in time for FY2015 tax time: Napier & Blakeley


NBtax is here, just in time for FY2015 tax time: Napier & Blakeley


Napier & Blakeley this month are proud to launch NBtax, a breakthrough online property tax depreciation service to help property investors maximise their returns.  

Louise Hegarty talks with Chris Page, Napier & Blakeley’s National Manager of New Projects about the revolutionary product that just had to happen.

“Over 70% of property owners under-claim their property tax depreciation allowances and many don't even claim them at all,” says Chris.

“It's a property investor's secret weapon for better cash flow yet sadly is widely misunderstood.  So we've created a simple solution that will help maximise a property investor’s return while making the whole process easier.”

Called NBtax, the online request service uses current technology to access Napier & Blakeley's specialist property tax depreciation Quantity Surveyors.

“NBtax means investment property owners can start the process quickly and easily without the need to spend too much time going to and fro.

"Once you submit the required information, our expert teams get on with tailoring your property tax depreciation schedule, setting you up for the depreciable life of your investment.”

“We, Napier & Blakeley, were the first in Australia to provide specialist property tax depreciation advice in the mid 80’s, and thirty years later we’re still the market leaders.

"A professional property tax depreciation schedule can boost your cash flow potentially by tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your investment.”

Yet many property owners stumble here, says Chris.

“A simple lack of knowledge and the specialist nature of depreciation means investors under-claim and at times even avoid the process often missing out on thousands. A poorly calculated property tax depreciation schedule is mostly likely costing you money right now!”

And no property is too old or small to benefit, Chris adds.

“Commercial, residential or industrial, brand new, renovated or just old, every investment property has the potential to further increase your cash-flow.

There's money sitting there waiting to be claimed. It's just a matter of taking the first step in the right direction, and that's where NBtax comes in.”

We all know that reducing our taxable income means one thing – more money in our pockets. It’s now easier and faster than ever before – with NBtax.

To find out more about NBtax, click here

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