How to use your super to buy a tax-free investment property

This tax pearler is normally associated with the family home, but the federal government eliminated all taxation within superannuation when in the pension stage many years ago.  With the ability to now borrow in superannuation, the astute investor can now leverage his or her superannuation and borrow to purchase property that will become tax free.

While working and paying tax the investor can negatively gear a good capital growth property out of his or her pre-tax income in the same way as if it was purchased outside super. The 9% superannuation guarantee can even be used to fund the negative gearing. The big difference occurs after age 60 when the property in super will attract no tax on rental income or capital gains on sale. Payments from the super fund to the investor are also tax free, and in fact it does not even need to be itemised in the individual’s personal tax return. Outside of super the cashflows would be fully taxable on both the rental stream and any capital gains. This superannuation treatment allows the individual to effectively have the taxation benefits as if they had multiple family homes.

Many people are sceptical about investing in super and argue they are too young, the rules may change and it is too confusing. All valid concerns, but the primary aim of all investors is to make money, and this task is made easier if no taxes are paid. An investment property needs time to do “its thing”, i.e. capital growth, so even the younger generations can benefit. How good would it be to have some of your investments in the “pay no taxes” basket?

This strategy can in some instances apply even before age 60 and has the added benefits of creating an additional land tax threshold and improved asset protection. The benefits are many.

 Ken Raiss is a certified accountant and director of Chan & Naylor national accounting firm. Ken’s experience lies in working with large publically listed multi-national companies, which gives Ken excellent insight into international market trends. Ken specialises in educating “mum and dad” property investors and small business owners with advice on wealth creation, asset protection, taxation, superannuation and compliance.




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