Covid-19: Health Check or Financial Health Check, Which is More Important Right Now?

Covid-19: Health Check or Financial Health Check, Which is More Important Right Now?
Melvie April 17, 2020


As the curve begins to flatten and we all join together to stave off this deadly virus, many of us around the country are taking this opportunity to focus one’s attention on good old health and fitness.

Whilst there is little doubt the high street has borne the brunt of the digital age these past few years, it is safe to say those retailers who went into this lockdown stocked with home fitness equipment, running shoes, training gear and alike have never had it so good. Never before have so many wild MAMIL’s (middle-aged men in lycra) been seen trundling up and down our roads with such devotion.

Most, you would hope, are fully aware that their reward, their trophy for such dedication will not materialise with a run out on the hallowed turf of the MCG, nor hold pace with the peloton in the Pyrenees this June. They will, I’m sure, swagger their way to their next periodic health check with little doubt that nothing more than ample praise awaits them from their trusted GP.

Now ask yourself this, if you’re willing to grind out the km’s, to calorie count your way past the chocolate aisle in search of the ever-evasive rolls of necessity, why is it that so few of us take a good proper look at our financial health?

It is no secret that Australia’s household debt levels are mightily high, the comparisons to the USA pre-2008 are hard to miss. A soaring property market backed by increasingly cheaper availability of credit has left the average Australian wondering just how they’re going to meet their monthly repayments.

Covid-19: Health Check or Financial Health Check, Which is More Important Right Now?

Take car loans for example, according to WhichCar, more than $8 billion was borrowed by Australians to buy new cars in 2018 alone. It doesn’t matter how much pavement stomping you’ve been up to these past few weeks, that’s an insane amount of debt when you think we’re a population of just over 25 million people.

Whilst a looming credit bubble has been appearing on the horizon for some time now, no-one could have predicted the shock of a COVID-19 style disaster and the impact the lockdowns are having on individuals and businesses alike.

There has never been a more important time to understand the health of your finances, to position yourself to weather the economic uncertainty and ensure you’re structured in the most credit-worthy position you can be. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, fine tune your existing investment portfolio or position yourself to purchase your next investment property, a financial health check with a quality finance specialist is a must.

Just like your GP assessing you at your next health check-up, there are a few main pillars a finance specialist will ensure are in place when it comes to giving you a clean bill of financial health. One of the most important is refinancing. Assessing your current debts and evaluating what options are available to your specific situation. Whether it’s taking advantage of better interest rate opportunities, or consolidating your liabilities into one monthly payment, you’ll find a good financial health check will give you the same piece of mind, the same road map to success that you many have started following for your health.

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