The Block Glasshouse: Contestants' opinions reveal where styling truly works

The Block Glasshouse: Contestants' opinions reveal where styling truly works
The Block Glasshouse: Contestants' opinions reveal where styling truly works

On last night’s episode of The Block Glasshouse it was time for the contestants’ “jury” vote to be revealed on the third bedroom, hallway and study for each apartment with a $5,000 prize up for grabs.

However, this time they were casting their votes before knowing who the judges would prize $10,000 to. This forced the contestants to vote strategically, as each couple looked to vote for someone they thought wouldn’t win the judges’ vote.

While this ensured plenty of controversy for the latest episode, what was truly revealing was the gap in opinion between the judges and the contestants as they viewed the apartments without previously hearing other opinions.

Overall, it was Darren and Dee's apartment five that won another $5,000 – with the jury and the judges both independently deciding it was the best of the week.

While debate is raging over the voting tactics of the contestants, it’s an indication how buyers might actually respond to the apartments if they went onto the market outside of The Block.

While the judges were clear in what they did and didn’t like, it was clear that the right balance between functionality and design was crucial.

The episode re-iterated the last five lessons lessons learnt form last night's episode.

Here are the divergent thoughts on the five apartments:

  • Apartment One - Michael and Carline

While the light fitting was loved by the judges, it received mixed reviews from the other contestants.

However, the day bed and desk were universally liked- even while the impractically low chair was noted by most.

The room was said to be lacking a bit of warmth and softness.

In the bedroom, the exposed brickwork with feature lightning was called a standout by most of the couples, and they were particularly impressed with the clever styling.

However, it was called a bit ‘safe’.

OVERALL:  Splashy, large wow-factor items will divide a crowd. However, subtle exposed brick is a largely liked factor. The importance of making something practical, as well as stylish, cannot be understated.

  • Apartment Two – Chris and Jenna

While the judges were pretty unhappy with the room and the lack of the study, the jury was not as displeased.

The large number of plants and the “crude” look that the judges pointed out didn’t seem to be in the jury’s minds.

The wall that called the judges ‘squeezed’ but provided a walk in wardrobe was actually well liked by the other couples, who liked that there was a separate space.

They didn’t do a study and the attic saw the judges called it just a storage room. It divided the contestants, however they weren’t as negative about the change.

OVERALL: Removing a study was not a good decision to have been made, but the smaller bedroom space to bring in a walk-in wardrobe might not have been as devastating as the judges believed.

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  • Apartment Three – Karstan and Max

The concrete floors were loved by the jury and the judges, even while the judges thought it felt cold overall.

The large space was universally described as massive and the comment that it appeared like a hotel was most apt. However, the couples were impressed with the modern shiny laminate desk and shelves, while it split the judges who thought it was somewhat dated.

The main diversion of opinion came about from the large artwork in the bedroom, that the last episode suggested should have gone into the study. Brightened up with smart wall lighting options, some thought it was too large while others loved it.

However, the room did need something “added” – with suggestions of fabric panelling on the wall.

OVERALL: Again, big wow-factor items will divide, however bareness is always noticed and careful attention needs to be given to large areas. Temperature, coldness and the feeling of comfort should be carefully attended to.

  • Apartment Four – Shannon and Simon

The compact study area was liked by both the judges and the jury, and the skylight was also agreed upon as the stand out feature.

The clever use of spaces and levels with the ceiling, and the floating roof, left a huge impression on the jury.

Cosy, cute nook, and they liked the skylight – widely liked and called a stand out feature by both the judges and the jury.

The velvet tangerine bedspread left some divided, but overall the “vibe” of the room had most converted.

OVERALL: Bright colours that vary from neutral can be daring, but can work well with enough thought. It’s worthwhile considering different levels, skylights. The general ‘feel’ of a room can often be as important as individual features.

  • Apartment Five – Darren and Dee

Because of the choice of artwork, the jury loving this apartment before they’d even stepped into it. The judge’s winning pick from last week,  dubbed “modern colonial”, it seemed as though all the couples loved this the most as well.

The herringbone floor was loved, and the use of space with the see-through back of the desk to the yet-to-be-built stairs seen as standouts by the jury.

The guest bedroom was also widely liked as a little oasis and the canopy, while called a ‘mosquito net’ at one point, was also a hit.

Styling received mixed reviews, with the number of pillows and a decorative key prompting debate.

OVERALL: Styling can divide, but layered and neutral tones with a high attention to comfort is often worthwhile. Unique features and forethought into other areas and how it will play in will put you in a much better position.

Picture courtesy of Channel 9.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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