20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas
Urban Editorial August 12, 2019

The hallway is an integral part of any home or apartment as it gets you to all of the other parts; this we know. What we may not know, however, is how to make our hallways look inviting, stylish, and just all-around great?

You have the opportunity to set the tone for your home with a hallway, which is why Urban.com.au have put together the 20 best hallway decorating ideas considering the current decor and design landscape. These ideas can serve as the inspiration you need to turn your hallway into a vibrant and welcoming space with a focus on small hallway decorating ideas, as these can be the trickiest to deal with.

There are a number of ways to achieve an impactful hallway, no matter what your budget may be, so let's look at some of the best ways to make the most out of the transitional spaces of your home.

1. Darkness

It is important to note that this first point is not suitable for all spaces, but if you have an abundance of natural light, a dark hallway can create a striking effect. If you choose this option, colourful accessories or light wooden fixtures are critical. You can also include large indoor plants to create a comfortable tone against the darker background. This is also an excellent option for hallways with large windows.

2. Gallery Artwork

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

The opposite of a dark hallway is an all-white one that you can turn into a mini gallery with a range of artwork, pictures, and photos. The best thing about gallery walls is that the frames and sizes need not match, and they will become a focal and talking point of your home when you have visitors.

3. 80s baby

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

A popular trend that is striking in a hallway is a touch of neon, which doubles as a practical source of light for the late-night trips to the bathroom. A little bit of neon injects character into your hallway and can be quite a unique inclusion into your space.

4. Indoor plants

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

It's hard to go wrong when bringing the outdoors in, and a range of plants in your hallway provides a natural feel while injecting a splash of colour that will work with any paint choice of decorative style. You can get adventurous with your pot choice or keep it neutral, so the foliage pops.

5. Bright hallways

A bright hallway is best achieved with neutral colours and making the most of the natural light available. You can also add a large mirror to give the illusion of more making the hallway seem a little more spacious.

6. All white

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

A clean white hallway certainly looks crisp and gives a positive feel, just keep in mind that this is a thoroughfare, so keeping it in a white state can be tricky. To really make the most of this look you will want to keep the hallway clutter to a minimum and aim for the minimalist aesthetic.

7. Minimalism

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

Following on from that last point, it should come as no surprise that the minimalist trend is a popular one, as it has been for some time. It also works very well in hallways as it can be practical to keep things out of the way in a predominantly transitional space. Do away with the furnishings and decor to create an open space that pushes visual focus to the other rooms while making your spring clean much simpler.

8. Functionality

The opposite idea to the last point, which can be suitable for smaller apartments and spaces which need to be wary of room, is maximising the room of a hallway for storage. There is a range of hallway storage solutions that can still keep things looking neat and stylish, plus who doesn't expect to see a coat stand in the hall when they walk through the door?

9. High ceilings

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallways with high ceilings are a great chance to create an impressive ambiance with light fittings. Directional lights can add height to a room, and you can light up particular works of art as a focal point in the hall. Smaller ceilings, on the other hand, are great for spotlights or floor lights. All hallways work well with free-standing lamps as well if you have the room.

10. The rustic feel

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

Apartments in the city often enjoy the juxtaposition of rustic country-style elements like wooden benches and boxes or choosing paint in a natural, earthy tone. Keep in mind that your hallway can set the tone for the rest of your home, so if you are picking a theme, make sure it flows throughout your entire space.

11. Painting the back of your door

We always seem to forget about the back of the front door, but in respect to the hallway, it's an opportunity to create a feature point along the wall. Add a splash of colour by painting it something bright, or match the colour with another element in the hallway or a nearby room to help tie various spaces together.

12. A grand entrance

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

This point is once again dependent on space, but if you really want to make an impact on your guests when they walk in the door, add a chandelier or statue. Now, it's crucial that these additions make sense to the rest of the home and space that they occupy, a giant statue in a tiny hallway has the opposite effect to impressing a visitor, so be careful here.

13. Personal expression

Your home says a lot about your personality, and it is a place that you can indeed be comfortable and yourself. Use the hallway as an opportunity to express this with artwork and colours that are inextricably you.

14. The more natural light, the better

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

Opening up the hallway with natural light is always a great option and is very inviting. It also doesn't hurt to extend the life of whatever plants you may have living in the space. If possible, you may want to consider installing some skylights to increase the brightness.

15. Sectional painting

Adding a colourful paint to your hallway does not mean you need to commit to covering the whole space no matter how large or small it may be. Paint a section, or create a pattern that focuses on the top half of the wall, or an angled area to add some colour to the space without going over the top.

16. Don't forget about the floor

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

That's right; all hallways also have floors, so the focus doesn't need to always be on the walls. Use geometric floor tiles or another design to not only create the illusion of space but offer a different focal element to the hallway area.

17. A colour mix

Mixing dark and light shades can be great if you have a narrow space but like the idea of deeper tones. Lighting and splashes of bright colour in a predominantly dark hallway also help to make the area seem like it is longer.

18. Colour tones

A popular design trend at the moment is the use of different tones of the same colour. When doing this in a hallway, it creates a sense of cohesion while looking ultimately stylish.

19. Wallpaper

20 Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

Another way to really make the walls of your hallway pop is a patterned wallpaper. Feel free to get extreme with this if you have a larger space and if you choose a print with a floral design; you are helping to create the same illusion as having real plants, the two even work well together.

20. Keep it monochrome

If you are worried about any of the ideas dating, black and white hallway design provides longevity.  Keep things simple and elegant with a monochrome hallway, where you can opt for a stronger white and light or dark and atmospheric. You can also paint the banisters for a striking effect.

Having fun in the hallway

Hopefully, some of the above ideas have served as the inspiration you need to figure out what to do in your hall while designing a new apartment or house.

Just remember to stick to an idea that can be replicated throughout the rest of the home and you will be on your way to an impressive hallway.

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