Ormond Group to launch two new hotel concepts in central Melbourne by 2022

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Ormond Group to launch two new hotel concepts in central Melbourne by 2022

A collaboration of Melbourne architects Elenberg Fraser (Albert Place, Premier Tower) and Craig Tan Architects (Hawker Hall, Chin Chin) is overseeing the design of two new hotel towers set to open in Melbourne’s CBD by 2022.

Ormond Melbourne and Momo’s Melbourne will be located across two tapering towers of 30 and 24-storeys respectively, and will feature an events centre of just over 12,000sqm as well as food and beverage offerings within a shared podium. The project has been brought to fruition by South-East Asian hospitality brand the Ormond Group, who is best known for its Tune Hotels brand and is currently undertaking a multi-million-dollar refurbishment of The Ormond Hotel (to be completed 2020).

Ormond Group to launch two new hotel concepts in central Melbourne by 2022
Ormond Melbourne, located at 540 Flinders Street. Credit: Point Polaris

“We are delighted to have been given the green light for Ormond Group to push forward with this exciting and ambitious project. Through our new brands, we hope to be able to elevate the hotel scene in Melbourne through our inclusive approach to programming and design.

We’ll be looking to work with exciting F&B operators as well as developing inspiring partnerships to bring these properties to life. Our spaces are designed to welcome guests and locals alike. Ormond and MoMo’s will offer culturally relevant experiences for guests and locals at great value for money price points in one central location.

We are thrilled to be introducing our hotels to this area of the city’s CBD – we embrace its past, present and future and look forward to meaningfully contributing to the district’s landscape. We feel confident that Melbourne’s already discerning lifestyle audience will enjoy what we bring to Australia’s cultural capital.”

- Gareth Lim, CEO of Ormond Group

Ormond Group to launch two new hotel concepts in central Melbourne by 2022
Ormond Melbourne. Credit: Point Polaris

Ormond Melbourne has been thoughtfully designed to represent the brand’s ethos of ‘Luxury Simplified’ by providing high quality guest services, dynamic social programming and elegant yet comfortable design features.

Ormond Group to launch two new hotel concepts in central Melbourne by 2022
Momo's Melbourne. Credit: Point Polaris

Momo’s Melbourne has been designed with a vision to cater to creative communities and urban nomads by creating playful, engaging spaces throughout the property to inspire locals and visitors alike.

The two properties will contain a total of 537 guest suites and will be linked by a purpose-built pedestrian laneway and will feature a sky bar, restaurant and multi-use spaces.  

The project will be managed by Point Polaris, and construction will take place on a site spanning 540 Flinders Street and 539 – 545 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

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