Proposals no more, the top end of Elizabeth Street is now a story of mass construction

For the past three years the big planning story in central Melbourne has been the plethora of large skyscraper projects, with the majority of these towers located on either side of Elizabeth Street to the north of La Trobe Street.

Up until this point much has been made of the proposals however the majority are now construction sites.

Indeed many of the proposals have attracted sufficient sales in order for the developer to be confident enough to swagger on in to a bank manager's office and obtain construction finance.

The following is a roundup of the latest construction photos of CBD North taken and subsequently posted in the construction forum threads by various Urban Melbourne members. See each forum thread for more construction images.

EQ Tower

Developer: ICD Property, Architect: Elenberg Fraser, Builder: Brookfield Multiplex. 202 metres high, 63 floors and 632 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

The tower has progressed well above its podium and facade-watchers are being treated to a splash of purple.

EQ Tower construction progress. Image courtesy Ryan Seychell

Aurora Melbourne Central

Developer: UEM Sunrise, Architect: Elenberg Fraser, Builder: Probuild. 267 metres, 88 floors, 941 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

Demolition of the poorly articulated car park which fronted La Trobe Street is near completion, with initial piling now underway.

Aurora Melbourne Central construction progress. Image courtesy Adrian Raiola

Empire Melbourne

Developer: Mammoth Empire, Architect: Hayball, Builder: Probuild. 198 metres, 62 floors and 474 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

Similar to its sister tower MY80 directly opposite, Empire Melbourne's lack of a pronounced podium already gives it an enormous presence on the corner of Elizabeth and A'Beckett Streets.

Empire Melbourne construction progress. Image courtesy Ryan Seychell

Vision Apartments

Developer: Brady, Architect: Peddle Thorp, Builder: Brady Constructions. 226 metres, 72 floors and 524 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

Vision's jump form was recently dismantled with a handful of floors still to be formed and poured.

Vision Apartments construction progress. Image courtesy GlennWilson


Developer: Aspial - World Class Land, Architect: Elenberg Fraser, Builder: Probuild. 167 metres, 57 floors and 463 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

Site clearing and preparation continues with another splash of pinkish purple over the tower's facade set to appear over the next two years.

avant site preparation progress. Image courtesy Ryan Seychell

Victoria One

Developer: Golden Age Group, Architect: Elenberg Fraser, Builder Probuild. 241 metres, 75 floors and 629 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

Victoria One's core has raced ahead and the first of the floorplates made their debut in November/December.

Victoria One construction progress. Image courtesy Ryan Seychell

Light House

Developer: Hengyi Australia, Architect: Elenberg Fraser, Builder: Brookfield Multiplex. 218 metres, 69 floors and 607 dwellings. (Forum Thread)

Although it will eventually be 23 metres shorter than its neighbour, Victoria One, across the road, it's going to be an interesting 'race' on either side of Franklin Street with Light House aided by a recently installed second tower crane.

Light House construction progress. Image © Ryan Seychell