About the developer

Landream develops, manages, and owns a diverse portfolio of property across Victoria and New South Wales. The group delivers a combination of residential, commercial, land, and mixed-use projects with a GDV of more than $3 billion, including over $1.5 billion of luxury residential and hotel developments.

Landream's commercial investment portfolio, which includes retail, holds a number of strategic sites earmarked for future development, and further acquisitions remain a key focus for the group.

One of Landream's most recent sales, the Opera Residences, a high-end luxury development located in Bennelong Point, Sydney, saw over $500 million of residences sold in under two hours. The company's development capabilities include development management services through all stages of the development process, from pre-acquisition through to post-settlement management.

Landream Associates

Landream has most notably worked on their current developments with the following companies:
Richard Crookes Constructions
Plus Architecture
Zaha Hadid Architects
Harris HMC
Orange Building Solutions


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