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Brisbane Skytower

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Soaring above the heart of Brisbane's dynamic cityscape, Brisbane Skytower stands as an architectural marvel, a testament to modern design and opulent living. As the tallest residential tower to grace the city's skies, this iconic landmark, located at 222 Margaret Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is a symphony of elegance and innovation.

Unveiling Brisbane's Tallest Residential Marvel

Rising to an impressive height of 269.6 metres (885 ft), Brisbane Skytower is more than just a skyscraper; it's a lifestyle statement. Boasting a remarkable 90-storey stature, it is not only Brisbane's crowning glory but also the sixth tallest building across Australia. 

The Visionaries Behind the Skytower Brisbane

The brainchild of renowned developers Billbergia and AMP Capital, Brisbane Skytower is a result of visionary collaboration. Its creation was further fortified by the support of global financial powerhouse Invesco, injecting US funds and financial prowess into the monumental project.

A Tale of Two Towers: A Flourishing Metropolis

Skytower Brisbane is accompanied by its counterpart - a luxurious 42-storey, five-star Westin hotel at 111 Mary Street. The sibling structure, now known as Mary Lane under the ownership of the Felicity Hotel Group, enriches the urban tapestry of the metropolis, bringing a harmonious blend of hospitality and residential splendour.

A World of Unmatched Living

From its sky-kissing penthouses that grace the summit to a curated collection of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, Brisbane Skytower offers a living experience like no other. The tower's allure extends to an 89th-floor recreation deck, boasting Australia's highest infinity-edge swimming pool, a sanctuary of serenity amidst the clouds. Complementing this luxury is an eight-level basement car park, thoughtfully designed with a total of 980 parking spaces to cater to the needs of the residents.

City of Dreams: Embracing the Brisbane Pulse

Positioned at the epicentre of Brisbane's vibrant metropolis, Brisbane Skytower is more than a residence; it's an invitation to experience the city's pulse. With cool café precincts, exquisite dining venues, a thriving art scene, and upscale boutiques, this new world city stands as a realm of endless possibilities. The tower is caressed by the adjacent beauty of the City Botanic Gardens, offering a verdant respite and riverside tranquility at its feet.

A Panorama of Awe-Inspiring Vistas

For those who seek more than just a home, Brisbane Skytower unveils a panoramic spectacle that spans beyond Brisbane's horizon. From its soaring heights, the tower captures the essence of Brisbane and beyond. Gaze upon the majesty of Moreton Bay, the allure of Stradbroke Island, the glimmering Gold Coast, and the timeless grandeur of the Great Dividing Range - all from the comfort of your residence.

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Brisbane (LGA), QLD
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Construction Complete
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274 metres

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