Light projection by Victor Holder.

Thornbury and Preston light up for the Darebin Projection Festival

The junction marking Thornbury and Preston is set to light up this evening, celebrating a significant development set to happen in the area. A joint partnership between Creative Suburbs and the Darebin City Council, the festival is aimed to light up the area and switch on the minds of residents and visitors alike.

Light projection by Victor Holder at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2015.

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June from 6-11pm, the Thornbury and Preston intersection will be curated and lit up by four artists across five locations. The Darebin Projection Festival is part of an initiative with the Darebin City Council to activate the Junction of Preston and Thornbury and celebrate with community the new development(s) and lifestyle opportunities that are set to happen in the area.

Hosted by Creative Suburbs, the event is set to change resident’s perceptions of the once industrial area. The online platform encourages people in local areas to brainstorm and communicate ideas to improve the community. These ideas are steered by Creative Suburbs in the necessary direction needed be taken to have the idea realized, such is the case with the projection festival.

One of the new developments in the area is NINE HIGH, a new residential building being developed by Kincaid Projects and Optimus Developments. On the night, NINE HIGH will be hosting work from artist Victor Holder that will have a focus on inspiring environmental and social awareness through a practice that is grounded in ways that benefits the community. Originally from Venezuela, Victor has worked all over the world but has called Melbourne his home for the past 15 years.

Nine High Exterior. © Kincaid Projects

The NINE HIGH building will have a projected light show on architectonic 3D drawing mix with geometric abstracts forms, animated motion graphic, magical and flowing visuals.

We are extremely excited to be a part of the Projection Festival. The change and new vision for this area of Thornbury and Preston is fantastic and we appreciate how active the local community are in stimulating the local economy.

Kris Burt, Kincaid Director

Over the two nights there will also be food trucks, a hot chocolate cart and a silent disco for attendees to enjoy. The first of its kind in the area, the Darebin Projection Festival is set to encourage attendees to have a light bulb moment about the exciting improvements that are set to come.

Darebin Projection Festival

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June, 2015
Thornbury/Preston: 9 High Street, 84 High Street, 188 Plenty Road, 212 Plenty Road, 623 Plenty Road
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