Exploring Melbourne's retail and laneway spine

Melbourne's retail core has seen a notable resurgence of late, with the significant redevelopments of Myer, David Jones, The Emporium, The Strand and GPO. The currently under construction St. Collins Lane project will see additional shoppers returning to the CBD area in a big way.

While the big brands provide incentive enough for shoppers to swarm the CBD, shoppers and people are also drawn in by the experience gained by visiting Melbourne's laneway and coffee culture which provides an altogether different vibe compared to the traditional mall. What is so great about shopping in Melbourne heart is that shortly enough any individual could will be able to walk from Flinders Street through to Lonsdale Street on this 'retail/social/cultural highway' of sorts.

Think of it as another north-south aligned Elizabeth Street or Russell Street, the major difference being of course that it's a pedestrian thoroughfare full of character - of what makes Melbourne great!

The following photo tour sees me exploring Melbourne's laneways within the retail core of the city, beginning at Degraves Street, walking through Centre Place whilst the Block Arcade and Royal Arcade follow. Exploring the multiple laneways along Little Collins Street, Postal Lane to Little Bourke Street, with Melbourne Central and Little Lonsdale Street rounding out the tour. Please enjoy.

Degraves Street

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A great photographic essay. And great to see that the 'retail/social/cultural highway' is almost entirely composed of heritage built fabric - historic buildings, signage, bluestone laneways and a fine grain historic built typology. These are indeed what, 'Makes Melbourne great'.

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