What Montague Precinct currently has to offer

In light of last week's Fishermans Bend revised structure plan announcement, it seemed an opportune time to meander through Montague Precinct, more specifically the area east of Montague Street and north of City Road.

This particular slice of Montague Precinct is home to the majority of current planning applications for the Urban Renewal Area, all of which are high-rise in nature. Expected to be a showcase of contemporary urban design, the area currently has little by way of urban character save for the odd structure worthy of retention.

Remarkably wide roads present an opportunity

More than any other factor, the existing road infrastructure became immediately noticeable. Immensely wide roads that seemingly carry comparatively little road traffic.

Could it be that in the existing road network lies the key to avoiding some of the blunders of Docklands? This road network to my way of thinking provides much scope and opportunity to create a cohesive precinct-wide landscape and pedestrian plan, prior to the first tower even gaining approval.

By doing so, Montague Precinct could avoid the haphazard nature of Docklands in terms of road network, urban experience and dotted development which has led to the general malaise surrounding the precinct.

Regardless, enjoy the images below, for the most taken on a quiet Sunday morning.

A handful of detached dwellings front Montague Street


Melbourne_Fragments's picture

Lets hope genuine thought goes into utilising those blue stone laneways and brick street art walls than aren't replaced with highrise slab concrete and exhaust vents

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Riccardo's picture

When you look at those beautiful street plans, not just Hoddle's grid but all that early colonial street planning from Sandridge, Emerald Hill, Hotham, Eastern Hill and so on, you see so much of Melbourne's potential wasted.

Why did we end up with vast amounts of inappropriate retail on the manifestly inadequate narrow streets of what became Richmond, Coburg, Brunswick, Prahran, but lost so much potential from The likes of Victoria pde or Victoria St in the city, or Drummond or Faraday or south to Ferrars.

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