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It must be said I don't know or condone the actions of a few people, and their pastime is not my cup of tea... but (and there's always a but) there exists a Flickr page with the most fascinating and unique Melbourne imagery.

Those behind the page dedicate much time and effort in their pursuit; good luck to them. Yet the pictures of Melbourne's skyline from angles not seen before are truly amazing.

View the page, enjoy the pictures and make your judgement on those behind it: Above Ground.

Lead and article image copyright Flickr / Above Ground.


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The actions by these idiots is pure and simple trespass and is reprehensible.

The less oxygen they are given the better.

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They are very interesting photos, and adventurous young people doing it. Very urban. However... my wife works in an office in The Block Arcade. About a year ago she was in one of the shops downstairs on the Collins Street side, near the Hopetoun Tearooms, when a young man came crashing through the glass ceiling high above and plunged about 15-20m to the arcade's parquet flooring, landing on his side. Lots of people around. Naturally she was very shocked. We've both wondered what the outcome was after the boy was carted off to hospital, and hope that somehow how he came out of it alright. The odds didn't look too good. Most of us were risk-takers to some extent at that age, and I always feel particularly sad when I hear of youngsters paying the penalty like that. There but for the grace of, eh?

onwards and upwards

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