Paint it Black - the sequel


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Today we are looking at the sequel to the All Your Walls event held in both Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane which commenced last month and had its culmination a few short days ago.  Part of the National Galley of Victoria's Melbourne Now exhibition which champions a wide array of art related events, a detailed summary of both event and initial works can be found by viewing the first Paint It Black article here.

Some readers will disagree with the notion that this is valuable art, yet in the General sense the area's greatest asset from Urban Melbourne's perspective is its ability to draw people in who interact with the artwork or with others.  Compare this with so many other morbid or underutilised laneways through Melbourne such as the nearby Oliver Lane and  the Hosier/Rutledge duo is equally about the social interaction, public benefit and activation of an otherwise dead space as it is the exceptional street art.  

Based upon Urban Melbourne's observations during the most recent visit to Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane, the cross-section of onlookers were wide and varied in terms of both background and age.  Teenagers to 70 plus, tourists, photographers, artists, the odd website contributor and the plain inquisitive constituted an ever changing flow of people all with a common interest - the benefits of such a place and such an event as Paint Your Walls.

I'll draw the readers attention to the final image found in the slide show below bottom; produced by artist DEB is an image of Sree Ghanesh.  First appearing in 2010 the piece is somewhat of a survivor making it to 2013 where essentially all other pieces have been superseded many times over.  What's to say the this piece of art won't exist in 20 years time as an impressive figure of longevity surrounded by dynamic artworks?  It may gain heritage value in due course be recognised as being materially important to Melbourne. Fanciful possibly, unlikely yes, but this is the intrinsic value of the Hosier Lane/Rutledge Lane duo - unique, impressive and so Melbourne!

Urban Melbourne wandered through the area during Sunday morning.  From high and low all angles were covered; click the images below to expand and above all else...enjoy!

Installations were also a part of Hosier Lane's revamp
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