Paint It Black - Hosier Lane reborn


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Parts of Melbourne's famous Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane combination may have turned blue during August, yet last weekend marked the first time both thoroughfares have been wiped clean so to speak, with a fresh start in mind.  A team of workers and artists applied a black undercoat to all areas with the intention of reserving plots for specific artists. Scissorlifts, traffic management and security all played their part as existing works were painted over, ready for the transformation that followed.

Labelled the 'All Your Walls' project, Hosier Lane's revamp is part of the Melbourne Now exhibition championed by the National Gallery of Victoria which seeks "Engagement with artists and audiences, through ground-breaking artists projects, commissions for kids and families, architecture and design initiatives, and curatorial engagement with dance, performance, music and sound."

'All Your Walls' is a two part program where last weekend focused upon the higher areas of the buildings surrounding both lanes, while November 29th will see completion as lower levels are bought to life.

Given the clean, vivid colours on show at present, the completed works toward the end of November will be a sight to behold.

See below progression images taken over a number of days - click for a larger view.

Late Saturday afternoon


MelbourneGuy's picture

Hate graffiti but in a weird sort of way I can understand the value of 'street art'.

Melbourne_Fragments's picture

^ they are all the same thing and feed into each other. You don't usually get people doing interesting artworks who don't start of tagging etc..

Anyway I find this complete commidification and partitioning of ownership totally againt the whole point of street art and the reason this laneway became popular for it. hope it gets changed up soon with some uncommissioned stuff

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