Little Smith Street, big style


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Another installment today in a series of urban street art tours, this time focusing on Little Smith Street Fitzroy. As is generally the way, stumbling into an area unintentionally can often lead to interesting results as seen in the article slideshow.  Little Smith Street as per the image below seems like a typical laneway, yet devote the time to walk its length and a myriad of street art works are there to be viewed adding to an otherwise uneventful walk.

Laneways such as Little Smith Street may not be the most visible or popular topic on Melburnians minds yet it's little gems such as these that add to the urban experience and the fabric of a suburb; and that's why will always find interest in areas such as this.

No doubt by now many of these have faded into obscurity or have been replaced by new works. If for no other reason it gives a reason to visit the area once more down the track.  Enjoy the photo set below captured earlier this year.


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The box was already there in that last shot. wink

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