Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2013

This weekend saw the conclusion to the visual arts spectacular that is the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, a description of which is taken directly from the Festival's website:

In 2013 The Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF) will celebrate its sixth year of staging inner Melbourne’s most visible and accessible free large scale arts festival.

Running from 19 to 28 July, the festival celebrates projection art and lets us see familiar spaces and buildings in new, inspired ways. It’s a collaborative, volunteer effort of artists and traders, residents and community groups all brought together by The Gertrude Association.

For 10 evenings in July and in over 30 sites, the length of Gertrude Street in Fitzroy will be illuminated by the visions of talented projections artists for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Buildings, laneways, footpaths and tree trunks will be lit up with site-specific, curated projections which respond to the theme Illuminate. The Festival Hub located upstairs at Gertrude’s Brown Couch boasts an incredible line-up of events, including live music, workshops, master classes, panel forums and much more. The Festival’s diverse arts program celebrates and connects our diverse community.

Only recently hearing of the event, thought it a good idea to mosey on down and take in the visual feast. What immediately struck those attending was the very friendly atmosphere with an overabundance of young children and tourists attending, certainly more than would generally frequent the area and a sign of the popularity of the Festival. Whilst focusing on the external works, a multitude of bars/galleries also carried inetrnal projections, although once settled in a bar members tend to bunker down for the evening...

Regardless a highly impressive evening, one sure to gain far more attention next year round.

All images credited to Alastair Taylor.  Be sure to click the first image below to see the full size!

Gertrude Street

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