272 Queen Street collateral damage

Following Ryan's article this morning on 272 Queen St, I thought it best to highlight an unknown aspect of the site itself.

Mundane in appearance, the existing building holds a generally unknown little gem by way of a private lane off Little Lonsdale Street. Endorsed by Melbourne City Council, the lane is adorned with some impressive street art.

Once 272 Queen St commences these artworks will be lost and hopefully another laneway will be chosen to take its place. Ultimately you win some, you lose some.

272 Queen St site

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Melbourne_Fragments's picture

Although it doesn't look it from the front, the current building actually dates from the early 1940's, which you can tell at the rear with the great bricks and industrial feel further down the lane.
The laneway has a great carriageway feel and will be a shame to lose it, if only there was some way of building a totally new tower while keeping this aspect.
Worth sacrificing in this case, but it's interested to see how many unique laneway spots exist un-noticed behind bland facades in the CBD.

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