Baby Guerrilla @ Post Industrial Design

Urban Melbourne in due course will devote much time to many a topic, least of which is the interaction between humans and built form - that which we create. Street art  has the ability to turn an otherwise sterile blank form into a point of interest, to appeal to people's senses, engage, provoke and delight. To my way of thinking the belief that street art is found in and generally inspired by its built enviornment, can only be a positive. A stroll down many of inner Melbourne's laneways will attest to this.


Many Melburnians would have at one point or another eyeballed a particular style of street art below, large paste-ups of mostly feminine figures in near ethereal poses. The responsible artist, Baby Guerrilla, has been prolific over a growing number of inner Melbourne suburbs - generally in the north and west. For a detailed interview with the artist, visit concrete playground. Below are but four from the artist's portfilio.


So when Urban Melbourne caught wind that the artist was currently showing, I was lucky enough to pay a visit. From March 1-17,  West Footscray gallery Post Industrial Design is hosting a Baby Guerrilla exhibition, covering a variety of mediums such as canvas paintings, sketches and inked acrylics backed onto plywood. Urban Melbourne visited Post Industrial Design in recent days - if time permits get yourself down there and visit this great venue, the Baby Guerrilla exhibit may be drawing to a close but there's no shortage of events and atypical retail offerings to keep any visitor engaged.


Urban Melbourne's profound thanks to Mary - to keep up with Post Industrial Design's exhibition and events calendar, check out their website and facebook links below. As always - enjoy.


Find below an assortment of images of the Baby Guerrilla exhibition at Post Industrial Design's West Footscray gallery.

Rejoice no.3: Destiny

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