Melbourne by Balloon

The Melbourne skyline is an amazing spectacle when viewed from anywhere around the city, however it becomes so much more remarkable when given the opportunity to view it from above. On the 14th of January 2013, I had this opportunity, enjoying a hot air balloon trip across the centre of Melbourne whilst also capturing its breathtaking vista's at the same time. Departing from Moorabbin, the 90 minute journey travelled through the inner suburbs of Melbourne such as South Yarra and Richmond, offering spectacular views of the Melbourne CBD, Southbank and surrounding areas, before landing perfectly at Essendon Airport. Below are a collection of images taken from the hot air balloon journey, highlighting the magnificent city of Melbourne.



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JUST STUNNING! yes smiley

Thanks for sharing, must have been quite enjoyable floating above the city and snapping away.

I collect, therefore I am.

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Brilliant pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice. Its several years since I looked at a set of Melbourne aerials like this and the city has visually developed and changed in that time. Most striking, of course, is high rise development south of the River which had virtually nothing of the kind 20-25 years ago: a couple of housing comission blocks and one or two others. Extraordinary to think that devlopment in that sector is accelerating and it will be made over again in the current development phase - during which, the North end of the city will join it as a whole new area of talls. Great. Thanks for the ride.

onwards and upwards

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