Woods Bagot principal Bronwyn McColl discusses the future of the modern workplace

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Woods Bagot principal Bronwyn McColl discusses the future of the modern workplace

The future of office workspaces is evolving as more businesses move from generic offices to more customised, worker-focused spaces.

This morning Woods Bagot principal Bronwyn McColl gave a talk about what she believes the future holds for workplace design.

“Never before have we seen so many generations sharing a workplace. Nor have we previously had the ability to collect and understand the data available in such detail. These factors contribute to making today an exciting point in time, where workplaces are developing into transformational spaces driven by user experience and workplace culture.”

- Bronwyn McColl, Woods Bagot principal

In 2016, Woods Bagot completed the largest government integration project at 1 William Street in Brisbane. The project involved co-locating nearly 5000 government employees from 16 sites. Following the transition, over 80% of employees shared that they were satisfied with their workplace. The design focused on maximising light flow into the office space, capitalising on the stunning 360° views, and creating open-plan social and collaborative spaces for workers. The office also has a 6 Star Green Star rating and 5.5 Star NABERS energy rating. 

Woods Bagot principal Bronwyn McColl discusses the future of the modern workplace
1 William Street, Brisbane. Image: Woods Bagot

“Workplaces of the future are heading towards a transformative collision point between the best part of all sectors,” said McColl. “Sectors are blurring and inspiring one another, and user experience and expectation are increasingly influential to design outcomes.”

The Woods Bagot technique of approaching workplace design is to focus on the holistic business strategy rather than a simplistic accomodation brief. This can include collecting available data to inform designs for productivity, comfort and versatility. 

“Businesses are far more innovative with the way they engage with their employees and deliver their services. In response, designers have become more knowledgeable about the psychology of space and how to use data collection to meaningfully inform our designs.” 

After almost a decade with Woods Bagot in Brisbane, McColl has relocated to Melbourne to head up the studio’s workplace design team. McColl’s design experience spans across any sector where user experience is the focus.

“Bronwyn’s experience is a tremendous asset and we will see that infuse through the Melbourne studio.”

- Rosina di Maria, Woods Bagot’s workplace design leader (Australia region)

McColl has already begun work with the Melbourne team to deliver new accommodation for retail, property, government and legal clients.

Lead image: Bronwyn McColl, courtesy of Woods Bagot

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