Home ownership continues to be tough - Landchecker makes sure you get it right

With reports being released that the dream of homeownership is no longer a reality for many Australians - Landchecker is here to help.

The report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia states that the current planning restrictions and inconsistencies are contributing to the housing affordability problems we face.

The report stated that housing affordability is likely to be an issue for the next 40 years and the unfortunate reality is that this will mean more people enter retirement without ever owning their own home.

The paper makes recommendations such as relaxing planning restrictions and making them more consistent. Changing tenancy law to provide more clarity for long-term renters. A move towards making land tax annual rather than transaction taxes and taxing a larger proportion of capital gains.

How Landchecker can help curb planning restrictions is allowing you to view all restrictions and overlays that apply to the properties in your prefered suburb on our easy to use interactive map. Viewing restrictions upfront allows you to accurately pick areas that are best fit for your development needs.

Landchecker is a free easy to use tool which also provides live updates on any changes to council overlays being made to your saved searches, so you can keep up to date on restrictions.

Recently, Landchecker also launched Property Matchmaker which is a new tool connecting buyers and sellers with off-market opportunities, this allows people to make the most informed decisions possible when searching and buying their dream home.

Find out all the information about your property now at https://landchecker.com.au/


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