ALP promises more Cranbourne line level crossing removals and over 6,500 hectares of new parks

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ALP promises more Cranbourne line level crossing removals and over 6,500 hectares of new parks

Last week it was Pakenham, this week it's Cranbourne. In the long list of upgrades to the Pakenham/Cranbourne lines that have occurred, are underway or promised - including major level crossing removals, a new fleet of trains, a new signalling system and the metro tunnel - the Cranbourne line is set to become level crossing free and fully duplicated.

Both major political parties have been active in the outer south-east with both promising to either extend the Cranbourne line or duplicate the line and then extend metro services to Clyde.

As we highlighted last week, the last remaining level crossings on the Cranbourne branch are Webster Street in Dandenong, Greens Road in Dandenong South, Evans Road in Lyndhurst and Camms Road in Cranbourne. Today's ALP announcement will see all of them added to the expanded list of 75 level crossings.

According to a party media release, Evans Road and Camms Road will be removed using road bridges, Webster Street in Dandenong will likely see a road underpass built and at Greens Road, a rail bridge will be built in a similar fashion to Abbotts Road which is one of the two level crossings currently being removed on the Cranbourne line.

In August the ALP promised to spend $750 million on duplicating the track from Dandenong to Cranbourne and spend a further $7 million on a business case for the extension of the Cranbourne Line to Clyde.

The Liberal opposition promised to first extend the Cranbourne line to Clyde and then commence duplication of the single-track railway after the extension.

ALP promise: 6,500 new hectares of parkland

Costing $150 million, the ALP have unveiled a new policy to increase the amount of green space within metropolitan Melbourne to the tune of 6,500 hectares of new parkland.

Many of the mooted parks are around the fringe of Melbourne's suburbs however the ALP policy announcement includes $35 million to be spent on creating 25 new pocket parks in inner areas.

Some of the bigger parks on the fringe to be created include Upper Merri Park near Craigieburn (2,778 hectares), Jackson Creek Park near Sunbury (1,008 hectares) and the Frankston greenbelt which will link together multiple reserves between the Seaford Wetlands and Mornington (1,881 hectares).

$10 million will be spent on upgrading existing suburban parks.

Lead image credit: Marcus Wong.

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