Noble Park's new station inching closer to opening

Foreshadowed in the final months of last year, the Pakenham/Cranbourne lines - also known as the Dandenong corridor - has had various shutdowns in place in order for work to progressively open new stations and sections of elevated track.

The main shutdown of the line between Westall and Dandenong is underway and it will re-open with trains using the new elevated track and station on Thursday the 15th of February.

During this large-scale shutdown, workers have been busing installing new catenary, connecting existing tracks to the new elevated sections as well as finalising Noble Park's new station.

Connecting track to the new elevated sections in Noble Park - image © LXRA

The elevation and grade separation of all level crossings between Caulfield and Dandenong will make it possible to increase train frequencies on the busiest rail corridor in Melbourne without causing mayhem on the roads.

The new Noble Park station is providing local areas with a different perspective on their local neighbourhood - locals can now see above the treetops - a rare and accessible outcome for much of the suburban South East.

View from the new Noble Park station - image © LXRA

The Noble Park section of grade separation involves two smaller elevated sections: one which rises over Chandler Road between Noble Park and Yarraman stations and another which includes the new Noble Park station and elevated the track above Heatherton and Corrigan Roads.

This Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) image is taken from the larger Noble Park station section to the Chandler Road section.

From one elevated section to the next - image © LXRA

Work is also progressing on the South Morang to Mernda rail line extension which is also being delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA).

Images posted to the authority's Facebook page show works progressing north to the new terminus at Mernda which has a familiar architectural style rapidly rising into the sky.

Mernda station under construction - image © LXRA

The end of the line, once the extension is complete, will be at a new stabling yard, currently under construction, just north of the new Mernda station.

End of the line at the stabling yard north of Mernda - image © LXRA

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