The level crossing removal information & picture blitz

Construction watchers rejoice: Victoria's Level Crossing Removal Authority is catering to your every desire through the prolific use of its facebook page.

Whilst locals have the opportunity to peer into the massive construction site on the Frankston line, at Bentleigh, McKinnon and Ormond stations, for those of us not in the neighbourhood, the  authority's facebook page is turning out to be a useful tool.

Fresh off the digital camera is the lead image above - posted earlier this morning; a photo overlooking the new station pit at Bentleigh with the three platforms well underway and now clearly visible.

Bentleigh Station building preparation works - image LXRA


Seen above is the opposite view from the lead image.  The caption on the LXRA's facebook page reads "preparing the Bentleigh concourse for the station building".

The trench south of Centre Road - image LXRA


In the most recent update, posted this morning, the shot below shows construction at McKinnon is well advanced with the new lift and ramp structures well on their way.

McKinnon station platforms advancing through their construction phase - image LXRA


And another angle on McKinnon station - this time of the platforms under the new McKinnon Road bridge.

McKinnon station's new platforms - image LXRA


And over in the west, the new Ginifer station had its first lift installed.

Ginifer station site - image LXRA

Not content with simply taking photos from ground level, there are aerials aplenty as well - below is the Blackburn station site, posted last week.

An aerial overview of the Blackburn level crossing removal site - image LXRA

To keep up to date with all the construction right around the metro, simply like the Level Crossing Removal Authority's facebook page:

And here's some specific links to the various albums on the authority's page.

Bentleigh, Ormond and McKinnon

Main Road, St Albans

Furlong Road, St Albans

Aerials - Blackburn

Aerials - Bayswater

Aerials - Heatherdale

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