Have your say: Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor

Spring Street via VicRoads on Monday 24th August, invited the community to provide feedback on the future of the Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor.

The State Government media release states:

The Labor Government wants to hear from motorists, cyclists and public transport users who use the corridor as well as local residents and business owners.

The local communities’ views and the thousands of people who use the corridor every day as a bypass, a distributer and a crossing point, as well as residents and business owners in the area, are a vital part of investigations into traffic management improvements which will be made over the next two to four years.

The community can use an online mapping tool on the VicRoads website to provide feedback on their experiences along particular parts of the corridor.

Media Release from Minister for Roads, Luke Donnellan

VicRoads profiles two individual projects which are investigating options for improvements in both the Hoddle Street and Punt Road sections.

The increasingly ubiquitous map open for the community to add their commentary already has a large number of submissions with a mix of sustainable transport versus private vehicle commentary.

Screenshot of VicRoads' community consultation map

To participate and provide your own feedback on the Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor investigations, see VicRoad's website.

Lead image credit: UM user MelbourneGuy.


Aussie Steve's picture

Clearly the vast majority of respondents are calling for permanent clearways for long periords of time, or even all day/every day clearways, which makes perfect sense. Many respondents are also saying there needs to be proper bus priority and more "B" lights at all intersections and bus lanes, which again, also makes sense.

It is finally good to hear more of Melbourne contributing to this discussion rather than just leaving up to the local community, when in fact, this road services the wider metro area.

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johnproctor's picture

It's interesting. You look at the cross section and they could be a lot smarter about its use.

They've suggested they could 'sort of/almost' fit a 5 lane treatment in similar to Johnston Street... but they haven't suggested a 4 lane treatment with a single permanent parking lane.

Anyway - I'll need to get onto the website and make my comments - I'll probably also provide a written submission.

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